Virtual Coach Review | READ THIS BEFORE YOU GET IT!

Virtual Coach Review 2020. Who is Eben Pagan? What is the idea behind the Virtual Coach program? What does he have to offer? Find out the answers inside this review.

But first, if you are here because you are interested in the Virtual Coach program, you can find out more about it here.

Eben Pagan

What is Virtual Coach Eben Pagan’s training program?

Coaching is a dream job for many people, but not all such people can make their dreams a reality due to insufficient resources. The Virtual Coach training program has been designed to help you become a coach and help other people live a high-quality life.

Virtual coach is a comprehensive system that will help you build a strong and impressive coaching practice. Everything that you need to become an influential coach; the virtual coach system provides everything you will ever need to succeed in your career. If you are already working as a coach but believe that you need to improve in critical areas, this system will help you in identifying the areas that need improvement.

It is a 10-week long coaching practice by the end of it you can become a confident and influential coach. It consists of seven key parts that create a perfect synergy that creates a next level coaching practice that can help you transform the lives of others.

Virtual Coaching is the perfect tool for people who have always felt the urge to help other people. If you are interested in the virtual coach training program can get it with amazing bonuses in a single payment of $1997. Another payment system allows you to pay $199 per month for one year.

Who Created Virtual Coach System?

The most impressive feature of the Virtual Coach system is that it has been prepared by a well-known trainer and coach, Eben Pagan. He is an entrepreneurial teacher who has helped in transforming the lives of the masses. Eben Pagan is an expert in assisting businesses to grow and generate significant profits.

He is the man who is known as the mentor of the mentors. He has coaches many mentors who are now helping others in improving the quality of their lives. Be it a career coaching or life coaching, Eben Pagan has the magic to make everything work perfectly.

The Virtual Coach 90-Day Training Curriculum

The Virtual Coach Training and Certification Program has divided into 2 main sections, that split into 7 key modules. You just need to link them together, they will turn you into a high-value virtual coach and make it easy for you to get high paying clients and a lifestyle-focused business that has the power to transform the lives of people all over the world.

Eben Pagan and his team will help you learn and install the parts of the Virtual Coach System over the next 90 days.

PART 1: How To Deliver High-Value Coaching That’s Actually Worth The Thousands of Dollars Clients Will Invest

This part of the Virtual Coach system is the most important. If your coaching sessions aren’t valuable enough, the best sales and marketing advice won’t work for you in the long term.

If you have the ability to change people’s lives and help them to get results during your coaching sessions, you will become a priceless asset to them.

This section of The Virtual Coach includes the following 4 modules:

Module 1: Breakthrough Conversations

You will learn how to give your clients a big breakthrough in their lives through a simple conversation.

There will be a lot of models so you always have an impactful conversation ready for your clients, Eben will train you how to help your clients to get incredible results in their lives that will make them thank you for the results.

You will learn the Next Level Coaching model that will help you support your clients through major, life-changing transitions and transformations.

Eben will give you his best coaching approaches, frameworks, and scripts so you will always know what to say to every client in every situation with complete confidence.

You will never experience any awkward silences or scramble to figure out where to go next in your coaching session.


MODULE 2: Personal & Relationship Leadership Coaching

You will learn first how to use your coaching skills you’re developing to impact your colleagues, team-mates and family members to get the best out of them by transforming them into their best selves.

Eben will teach you how to introduce and install interpersonal leadership skills in your clients, in a way that’s appropriate for their context ( whether it’s parenting, marriage or influencing the board of executives).

After that, you will learn the Love-Dojo Method to help your clients break through any conflicts or issues in their relationships, in a way that actually makes the relationship better, stronger and closer than it was before the conflict occurred.

This module will help you and your clients succeed and feel confident in every area of life including health, wealth and relationships.

MODULE 3: The Inner Game Of Coaching

Having the ability to transform your clients’ lives doesn’t mean you’re the best coach, you may still suffer from the imposter syndrome… you need to get rid of your insecurities, limiting beliefs and inner-conflicts.

This module will help you how to build unshakable confidence and high self-esteem as a coach to feel deserving of all the success that comes your way because what you do is valuable and makes your clients believe in you and want to work with you.

MODULE 4: Visionary Coaching

You will learn how to help your clients develop a vision for their lives and inspire them to become their best selves and transform their lives.

Also, you will learn the blueprint for personal transformation to get to the next level in the six key areas of life ( Purpose, mind, relationships, emotions, success, and health).

Eben will make breakthroughs LIVE coaching people during weekly and 1-day classes, so you can see exactly how easy it is to model extremely high-value.

 PART 2: How To Attract & Sign Up High-End Coaching Clients

Coaching must be practiced on a regular basis, So even if you are the best coach in the world but don’t have real clients your coaching skill will become rusty and you may even lose it over time, so you need to attract and sign up those high-end clients.

This part of The Virtual Coach includes the following modules:

MODULE 5: Targeting Your Personal Coaching Niche

Now it’s time to create your own core competency & niche that you could be first in and brand yourself to become a little bit famous, Eben will teach you that.

Eben will give you his proven marketing templates, you just need to fill in the blanks to create niche-specific education-based, ethical marketing that will make your clients want to work with you again and again.

After that you will learn from six and seven-figure coaches and know their secrets, so you will be getting the inside scoop from different niches like health, relationships, spirituality, and business.

MODULE 6: Branded Coaching Package Design

In this module, you will learn how to create a coaching package that clients would like to buy for thousands of dollars.

You will learn how to offer long-term coaching packages to sign up clients for 3 – 6 months or even more.

You will learn how to present your package in a way that’s clear, irresistible which makes people interested to buy for between $2k-$10k.

Not only that, but you’ll get live feedback on your own packages from Eben in real-time during sessions.

MODULE 7: Attract Coaching Clients

Now it’s time to learn how to create your own  Client Invitation that automatically attracts your ideal clients to you, Eben will teach you that in this module.

You will learn how to enroll your clients on the spot in a way that feels smooth, comfortable and makes it virtually irresistible for them to hire you.

Eben will teach you how to serve your clients during an enrollment call, so they feel empowered and ready to take action with you.

You will discover popular places to find new clients and how to position yourself so they come to you asking for help and how to work with you.

BONUS MODULE: Social Media Mastery

In this module, you will learn the importance of social media and how to build your email list through Facebook to get connect with real people who would like to work with you later.

You only need 5 minutes a day to create massive engagement and get lots of free traffic, Eben called it the “5-minute a day”.

Virtual Coach Bonuses ( Value $32.000 )

BONUS #1: Tech Tool Trainings ( Value: $1,997 )


In the Tech Tool Trainings, Eben will walk you step-by-step, and click-by-click through how to set up and use the 12 most important technology tools online.

Each week, you’ll learn to use one tool, and in the process, you’ll build your complete online business system… even if you’re starting from scratch.

BONUS #2: Marketing Step-By-Step ( Value: $997 )


Everyone intuitively knows that marketing is the key business-building skill for new entrepreneurs.

When you finish this course, you’ll be able to create advertising, marketing, and follow-up systems that work far better than most people and businesses.

BONUS #3: Wake Up Productive ( Value: $497 )


Wake Up Productive is a set of tools and habit-creation systems that Eben guarantees will double your productivity.

This training is easy to consume and highly effective…

If you’re going to build your coaching practice, you need more time to do it. And Eben would like to give you that additional time, by making everything you do twice as productive.

BONUS #4: Presentations That Pay ( Value: $197 )


Presentations are a special “intersection” right between marketing and sales – and they require a type of knowledge that isn’t available very commonly… to really nail them.

Presentations That Pay teaches you the mindsets, techniques and even the wordings and scripts that trigger people to buy.

BONUS #5: Digital Product Marketing Library ( Value: $24,000 )


Eben has built several companies now that package up knowledge, then offer it in the form of online courses, digital products, eBooks, seminars, and other types of training programs.

Today, when you register for the Virtual Coach, Eben is going to give you the ultimate system for creating a digital information product.

He calls it “Digital Product Marketing Library” – and that’s exactly what it is.

These courses were filmed at Eben’s high-end mastermind and training that was $24,000 to be a part of. And yes, the information is valuable.

BONUS #6: One (1) Ticket To Virtual Coach LIVE ( Value: $997 )


This is where you’ll get to spend 3 full days with Eben putting all the lessons you’ve learned in the 90-day Virtual Coach program, and tying it all together.

Eben will go in-depth through presentations and panels. You’ll learn from several 7 figure coaches about the most up to date coaching models, techniques, software, and more.

Plus, When You Choose The 1 Pay Option, Save $382 And You’ll Also Get…

ONE (1) ADDITIONAL Ticket To Virtual Coach LIVE

When you choose to pay your Virtual Coach tuition in full, you will save $382 and you will also get one (1) additional ticket to attend the LIVE Virtual Coach event in Los Angeles next year (February 2020).

By the end of these seven stages, you will not only have the skills to provide a nonpareil quality pf coaching services but will have the ability to start your coaching business from scratch. With this tool, you can start your business and take it to the highest peaks of success!

Coaching is one of the most rewarding careers in the world. It can help people gain a direction who want to spend their lives serving others. Nothing can be more joyous then providing people who are struggling with hope and confidence to face the toughest challenges in life.