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Virtual Coach Review. Who is Eben Pagan? What is the idea behind the Virtual Coach program? What does he have to offer? Find out the answers inside this review.

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Let’s start with the basic info…

Product Name: virtual coach 2019
Type: training program
Founder: Eben Pagan

 virtual coach program 2019

What is Virtual Coach Eben Pagan’s training program?

Coaching is a dream job for many people, but not all such people can make their dreams a reality due to insufficient resources. The Virtual Coach training program has been designed to help you become a coach and help other people live a high-quality life.

Virtual coach is a comprehensive system that will help you build a strong and impressive coaching practice. Everything that you need to become an influential coach; the virtual coach system provides everything you will ever need to succeed in your career. If you are already working as a coach but believe that you need to improve in critical areas, this system will help you in identifying the areas that need improvement.

It is a 10-week long coaching practice by the end of it you can become a confident and influential coach. It consists of seven key parts that create a perfect synergy that creates a next level coaching practice that can help you transform the lives of others.

Virtual Coaching is the perfect tool for people who have always felt the urge to help other people. If you are interested in the virtual coach training program can get it with amazing bonuses in a single payment of $1997. Another payment system allows you to pay $199 per month for one year.

Who Created Virtual Coach System?

The most impressive feature of the Virtual Coach system is that it has been prepared by a well-known trainer and coach, Eben Pagan. He is an entrepreneurial teacher who has helped in transforming the lives of the masses. Eben Pagan is an expert in assisting businesses to grow and generate significant profits.

He is the man who is known as the mentor of the mentors. He has coaches many mentors who are now helping others in improving the quality of their lives. Be it a career coaching or life coaching, Eben Pagan has the magic to make everything work perfectly.

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What are the 7 Key Parts of the Virtual Coach System

The Virtual Coach system is a step-by-step process that teaches the highest level of coaching tactics to people who want to dedicate their lives to the well-being of other struggling individuals. It is a 7-step procedure that will help build strong coaching skills in people willing to start a coaching business.

Part 1: Personal Transformation

The system focuses on working on the roots; that is why the first stage is personal transformation. You need to work on yourself before you take charge to help others improve their lives. It focuses on six key areas of life, including purpose, mind, relationships, emotions, success, and body.

Part 2: Next Level Coaching

The next level coaching stage revolves around the coaching model of Eben Pagan. The purpose of this model is to prepare you to help your clients go through significant life transitions without losing their calm and peace of mind. It provides you with various coaching approaches and scripts that cover every possible scenario.

Part 3: Attracting the Right Clients

When starting a business, the primary concern is to attract the right people at the right time. It will provide you with a chance to create customized client invites. There are several options of templates, and you can choose the one that suits your theme perfectly. By this stage, you will know exactly how to attract and where to find the right clients.

Part 4: Enrolling the Clients

The fourth stage of the virtual coach system will teach you the skills and tactics to enroll the right clients. It will help you make an enrollment call that is engaging and influential and features minimum sales-words. It will teach you the skills to offer packages.

Part 5: Social Media Mastery

The generation of traffic is a crucial part of every business. The fifth stage will teach you an effective way to use social media platforms for the advantage of growing your business. It will require you to invest just five minutes every day to build a strong social media presence.

Part 6: Business Growth

The sixth part is not by Eben, rather from a group of successful coaches that are running businesses in this field. They are dealing with revenue generation between $100K to $1 million. These coaches, working in a variety of different areas in the coaching industry, provide tips that can help people run successful businesses in the field.

Part 7: Your Coaching Toolkit

  • This can be one of your most important resources for getting your business off the ground quickly because it gives you 10 of my best tools for helping anyone through a transition or transformation.
  • These life-changing coaching tools are universal. They can work for any coaching specialty (Life Coaching, Health Coaching, Business Coaching, Relationship Coaching, and more).
  • Having this Next Level Coaching Toolkit will give you incredible confidence to coach and transform people’s lives because these 10 tools will give you a step-by-step roadmap for every coaching session.

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1:1 Facebook Coaching Value: $3,000

When you chose to pay your Virtual Coach tuition in full, you will save almost $400 and you will also get $3,000 of 1:1 Facebook Coaching with one of our expert Facebook coaches.

Here’s how it works…

After you complete the Virtual Coach program and you become a Certified Virtual Coach, you will get up to TEN 1-Hour Coaching Sessions with one of my expert Facebook Coaches.


Traffic Intensive Training Value: $997

The Ultimate psychology course on getting traffic. We’ve had millions of people on our lists, generated by tens of millions of visitors to our websites. I’ve used many channels to get this traffic, including pay per click, content, affiliates, SEO, partnerships with big companies. Again, this is an advanced course.

Again, you get both of these advanced bonuses when you choose the “pay in full” option, which also saves you almost $400 at checkout.

By the end of these seven stages, you will not only have the skills to provide a nonpareil quality pf coaching services but will have the ability to start your coaching business from scratch. With this tool, you can start your business and take it to the highest peaks of success!

Coaching is one of the most rewarding careers in the world. It can help people gain a direction who want to spend their lives serving others. Nothing can be more joyous then providing people who are struggling with hope and confidence to face the toughest challenges in life.